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Napili Village One Bedroom Vacation Rentals

Napili Village One Bedroom  

Our one bedroom units are perfect if you want a private place to get away, have a baby you want to put down early, or if the kids want to watch their television shows in the bedroom while you watch yours in the living room. Between our studio options, our one bedroom configurations and our connectable balconies we’ll be able to tailor a room arrangement to your specific needs.

1 Bedroom Floor Plan A
(1 king and a hide-a-bed couch)

Napili Village One Bedroom A  
1 Bedroom Floor Plan B
(1 king and 2 twin beds)

Napili Village One Bedroom B  
Napili Village Ocean View
Napili Village Ocean View

Ocean View: From the second story balcony you’ll look out across lush gardens, plumeria trees, pool and palms to the ocean and the island of Molokai in the distance. And speaking of balconies, ours are configured so they can join the balcony of the room on either side. If you have a group we can connect your rooms via the balconies. Try to find that at other Napili Bay resorts.

Napili Village Garden View
Napili Village Garden View

Napili Village Garden View: Step out on to your balcony or lanai in a downstairs room and enjoy orchids in the trees. Hibiscus and bananas abound. Enjoy the pool where one can find sun or shade. This is just another nice feature of our Maui Vacation Rentals.

When it’s time to eat, the Maui Vacation Condo Rental couldn’t be more centrally located. A five-minute walk from the Maui vacation condo rentals at Napili Village will take you to either the Gazebo or the Sea House, depending on which way you go when you when you walk onto the sand at Napili Bay. The restaurants are located at opposite ends of the bay. If you are looking for a wonderful dining experience you don’t have to go far.

The Gazebo - From the beach access follow the sand all the way to the left. Go past the first set of stairs and work your way up the rocks where the tide pools begin. You’ll see the path up and to the left. That will lead you to The Gazebo. There is a water faucet to wash the sand off your feet. Known as the restaurant with the perpetual waiting line, you’ll find the wait well worth it. The view is stunning. In season you’ll watch the whales jumping while turtles grace the water edge year round.

The Gazebo is open for breakfast and lunch from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm. You might try going for a late lunch around 1:15 pm. It eliminates waiting in line. If you are a meat eater, order the Kahuna Omlette and substitute a banana/macadamia nut pancake for the toast. Be sure to use the coconut syrup. It’s enough for two if you’re on a budget. If that’s too heavy for your tastes, split an order of fried rice. It’s fabulous and more than enough for two. Splitting an order of fried rice absolutely qualifies as a great deal on Maui. You won’t find any place like The Gazebo in any of the hotels in Lahaina Maui. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience. If Jerry, the owner, is there ask him if there is any mustard. It’s good for a laugh.

What a great relaxed place to stay. After staying for years in high priced Maui vacation condo rentals in Kapalua I found this place on trip advisor. The property is well taken care of and the location is only 50 yards from beautiful Napili Bay. The units are not like the Four Seasons but the prices are not either. It’s a great discount hotel. For a little more than $100.00 dollars a night you get a clean comfortable room with a kitchen. The managers are great and are always willing to help with whatever needs you may have. I will certainly be going there again next year and until then my mind will be wondering off back to the warm sunny days and sea breezes of Napili Bay! Bruce, SanDiego

Snorkeling Napili Bay

Napili Bay is a great place to play. Kapaula Bay may be a little better for snorkeling, but not much. But because there is more to do and not as many people, Napili Bay gets my vote. You won’t find water like this around any of the hotels in Lahaina Maui near the Ka'anapali strip. If you are staying at the Westin, Marriott or Royal Lahaina Resort, hop in your car, go rent snorkel gear and then drive to Napili to find a good spot. Better yet, just stay in Napili at one of our Maui vacation condo rentals. You'll be within walking distance to great snorkeling.

From the back of Napili Village you are only one minute away from what is arguably the most beautiful bay on Maui, Napili Bay. Hang a left and walk thirty yards to the beach access. Hang a right and go ten yards and you’re there. The snorkeling is great any place you see a dark area under the water. No coral means no fish, so if it’s light blue there is nothing there but sand.

From the beach access, go straight out angling a few degrees to the right. As you swim out, occasionally pause to check your position. If you look straight in you want the beach access slightly on your right. When you see rocks on the bottom you’re nearing the reef and the channel. If it’s summer it won’t matter where you cross because the water is usually calm, but if there is a swell the channel is a great place to easily and safely get on the backside.

As you pass through the channel, a school of Goat Fish will greet you. You now have two options. If you go right you can make your way down the back side of the reef all the way to the Napili Kai Hotel seawall, and depending how long you want to be in the water, you can follow the sea wall out to the point where the most colorful coral is to be found. Or when the channel ends, you can continue straight keeping the coral on your left. If you follow the edge of the formation you will continue into deeper water and loop back a bit to your right before continuing away from the shore. If you get to the arch you’ve gone too far. Dive down, clear your ears and swim under it if you can. Then go in fifteen yards and back toward the shore twenty yards. It is at this point you’ll find some fabulous formations and if you look around a bit you might find the three resident turtles snoozing under an outcropping on the bottom. Stick around for five or ten minutes and they will surface. You can get fairly close but don’t try to touch them. If at the end of the channel you choose to go left, make sure you stay out of the surf line up. The surfers call it Hole in the Head for a reason.

If you are a beginner at snorkeling or have young children, go through the beach access and then turn right and go past the Mauian Hotel property and head toward the Napili Kai Resort. From the Napili Kai property all the way to the sea wall at the Sea House is excellent water for the beginner. The snorkeling is very good close in and to the right. Learn to breathe in the shallow water on the sand. Then swim out to the rocks and coral. It’s the perfect place to learn. Don’t stand on the bottom unless it’s sandy. It’s bad for the coral.

The Pineapple Grill From the Maui vacation condo rentals at Napili Village it’s a ten-minute walk or a two-minute car ride. Go north on Lower Honoapiilani Road, past the Mauian Hotel and the Napili Kai Resort and turn right on Kapalua Drive. The Bay Golf Course at Kapalua Resort clubhouse is on the right. The Pineapple Grill is located to the right of the clubhouse. Park in the lot. Seating is both inside and outside. If you are late arriving at our Napili discount hotel and you want atmosphere without having to pay dinner prices, try the bar menu. And if you go on a Thursday you’ll get one of the best great deals on Maui with 50% off on the pupu menu. Try the Kalua Pork & Maui onion Quesadilla with chipotle sour cream and the Asian Skewer Trio of curried chicken, chile shrimp, and kalbi beef with Thai peanut sauce. You’ll be livin’ large getting’ a great deal on Maui.

Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar Sansei features five star, award winning fish and sushi. It qualifies as a great deal on Maui on Sunday and Monday between 5:15 and 6:00 pm. Every thing is 25% off the regular price. But if you know someone with a Hawaiian drivers license you’ll get 50% off, making a night at Sansei a real great deal on Maui.

The problem is you have to get in line around 4:30 to get in. But if you don’t require a table you can sit at the sushi bar. That’s a different line. The long line is perpendicular to the entry door. The sushi bar line is along the wall under cover. Get in that line around 5:05 and you should be good to go. Take an umbrella. The sun beats in and you’ll stay cool under it. Everyone will envy you.

From the Maui vacation condo rentals at Napili Village go north on Lower Honoapiilani Road and go past the Mauian and the Napili Kai Resort. Wind around and turn right when the road dead ends at Office Road. Go half way up the hill, just past the Honolua Store and Sansei is on your left. Park in the lot. Enjoy.

Snorkel Bob’s The crew at Snorkel Bob’s in Napili Village will personally outfit you for a great time of snorkeling in Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, Honokeana Bay and Honolua Bay. Check out their prices on activities too. In addition to the snorkeling gear, you might want to rent a stand-up surf board. Napili Bay is a great place to learn to stand-up paddle. The entry is easy and you won’t get hurt falling on shallow rocks or coral.